The Fuji X100 in the snow

December 09, 2012  •  3 Comments

When I bought my fuji X100, I was sure it would be for limited application. I saw it as as pocket sized workaround camera for street photography. After I started to play with it, I realised how capable this camera is, and like many owners I fell in love with it.

Last August 2012 I went for an other ski touring (ski randoné) trip in the south of chile to climb volcanos. The years before I was caring my Nikon DSLR with two or three lenses, I enjoyed it, but the gears were heavy in the bag and took a lot of space where normally the essential mountain gear should stay. Also it was impossible to go up or down with the DSLR directly reachable, it stays in my bag and for each action shot I had to put the bag on the ground, take the DSLR, take the shot, put it back on the bag and the bag on my back, you get the picture. This year, I decided to take only my X100 for the all trip. After we took the road I was wary and though that maybe I should have also take a bigger camera in case I would not be able to render the beauty of the moments with the limited focal and response of the camera.

I quickly had no regret and when I came home and look at the picture, I was glad I did it. The X100 is a really capable camera and not only for street photography. A lot of my picture were taken in the hurry, in the cold, with moving subject. Sure is not responsive as a DSLR but you have it in the pocket always ready to shot and without compromised on the picture quality. I mostly used the optical view finder, auto focus and auto ISO, in aperture priority mode.  It focus fast enough in bright light to take moving skiers down hill, but I found that you have to think your picture more in advance than if you use a quick DSLR focus system, you need to know where the focus point will be and how you will focus and (re)compose the picture in advance. 

Here is a sample of these pictures, showing landscapes static and moving subject (well ...  pictures), all with the X100. if you need information about the camera or the trip, do not hesitate to leave comments. also the full gallery is there


so "cool"...
Congs for the compositions. Sometimes you cannot believe that this is a 35mm lens.
Vow, they're really beautiful shots. Excellent location and of course - brilliant camera.
Thanks for sharing!
Very nice ! Good photographs. Good to know it holds up in such conditions.

Tho for some reason the images are displayed very small (500px or so), even though actual jpgs are of good size (1445px), but protected so not visible at that resolution, this kind of ruins the experience imo. They lose their impact.
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